Winter weather has arrived in California bringing with it lots of beautiful snow and much needed rain. This comes with a dangerous side as far as our mission flights are concerned. ICE!

When aircraft fly in visible moisture such as fog, clouds or rain when the temperature is at or very near freezing the airplane will collect ice on its wings, tail, antenna and propeller. This a very serious danger and is to be avoided at all costs. Larger aircraft have deicing and anti-icing capabilities and even they do all they can to avoid or drastically limit the time spend in those conditions.

So for the safety of our passengers and flight team during these conditions our ministry is essentially “grounded”.

However, this will soon pass and we’ll be back in the skies shortly sharing God’s love with those we bless with a free flight to where they can obtain the specialized medical care they need. Stay tuned for our next mission prayer request.

Under His wings!

Bill Neail, President & Chief Pilot