March 9, 2018 - 2 minutes read

FLIGHT: Los Angeles to Hanford

MISSION: Flight home after 2yr old Lyrrysa receives life-saving treatments at UCLA.

2 year old Larrysa was born 4 weeks premature, drug addicted, infected with syphilis, HIV and some other complications. That’s when her Aunt Shawna first heard that she was born. Larrysa’s mother Lilith had not been heard from for over two years. She lived on the streets addicted to drugs. So when the call came in to Shawna it was a complete surprise to hear from Lilith and discover that she was not only an Aunt… she was now little Larrysa’s care giver through an agreement between Lilith and Child Protective Services!

Larrysa spent a month in the NICU. She was not expected to live to see her 2nd birthday. Praise God! Her 2nd birthday just passed and she is expected to live a full life with continued care! As you can see in the picture, ( she’s the one on the right) she is doing fabulous. Lilith became pregnant again, got clean, came home and received prenatal care. She gave birth to Gloria who is completely healthy but remains closely monitored. Her mother has since returned to the street life.


Continued healing and health for the girls; strength for Shawna and her family to care for them and healing and victory over drugs for Llith. Click this link to join the prayer team and add your prayer to their Keepsake Prayer Letter