Mission Update

May 27, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Pilot BillWe flew 2-year old Matthew home to Las Vegas after Matthew received treatment from his neurologist and nutritionist in Los Angeles for an extremely rare form of mitochondrial disease. Matthew suffers from a disease that robs his body of the energy it needs due to ATP depletion in the cells.

MatthewMatthew traveled with two portable ventilators and a suction machine. His mother Sylvia lovingly cared for him as she must do everyday of his life. Preparing the plane for the trip was quite complex.

Matthew’s equipment while portable is bulky and had to be transferred from the car to the plane very carefully. Everything that Matthew needs to stay alive must run the entire time without interruption. In addition to Matthew’s mom two additional support members flew that day to help move all the equipment and Matthew simultaneously from transport to the plane then back to the follow on transport to the hospital. Running on battery from the start of the trip to delivery at the hospital, special attention was paid to time factors throughout the day.

R4M is honored to be able to provide these flights for children as we are able to relieve their families of the travel financial burden, and the need to make a long arduous drive across the desert and mountains. By shortening the time of travel risk to Matthew’s health are reduced.Gas Up

But we can’t do this work without the help of our compassionate real estate professionals who support our flights with their mortgage referrals. We thank every one of our team members and all of the members of the prayer team who added prayers to their Keepsake Prayer Letter. Sylvia wants you to know she can’t express how much your love meant to her.