Victor and Barbara Bartolome

Mission Date: June 30, 2016

Santa Ana John Wayne Airport to Santa Barbara

The Story

At seven feet tall, Victor Bartolome towers over most people. Victor grew up—way up—in Santa Barbara, California. After high school, Victor played basketball on a scholarship at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Once he graduated from college, he played professional basketball in the Netherlands and Italy. He also had a rookie stint with the Golden State Warriors back when the novice salary was just $17,000—a pittance compared to today’s standards. Victor looks back fondly on those days in the early 70’s when he competed against the best professional players in the NBA. Those years of competition at the very top of the game prepared Victor for the competition of his life when he faced a cancer diagnosis of Lymphoma 25 years ago.

Now, Victor receives chemo infusions every three weeks in Santa Barbara and consults with his cancer specialist, Dr. Lauren Pinter-Brown every three months. Dr. Pinter-Brown moved from Los Angeles to practice at the University of California Irvine. That move requires Victor and his wife Barbara to travel much further. A journey that is very difficult for them to make by car. Victor and Barbara have raised five terrific children and they are so thankful for our provision of a free flight for his treatment.

The Flight Plan 

Our first contact with Victor and Barbara came when Barbara called us after learning that we would be providing them with a free flight. Barbara began with a question,“When I saw your introduction video, I thought that perhaps you may be a Christian?” She was delighted to learn that indeed our team is made up of Christian men and women committed to serving God and serving them by providing the flight and supporting them with our prayers.

Our mission is scheduled for June 30, 2016. We will meet them at Orange County John Wayne airport after Victor’s consultation. Our flight will depart at 3:30 PM and take us up and over Los Angeles International Airport then northward along the coast to our destination in Santa Barbara. The short one hour flight is much easier on them than the trek through Los Angeles’ bumper-to-bumper traffic in the heat of summer. This flight will mean less financial strain on the family and hope for healing for Victor.

Your Part

As with all of our missions, we need people who are willing to commit to praying for our passengers. By joining our prayer team, Victor and Barbara will have the comfort of knowing that a number of people are lifting them up to God for healing. As their pilot and support team, we will know that you are praying for a safe, smooth flight. It is truly an amazing moment when we get to hand our passengers a long list of people who specifically prayed for them!

Barbara and Victor are asking for specific prayer for, “Victor’s continued ability to stay strong and well ahead of the cancer, as well as for the physicians, researchers, and medical support staff that continue to provide such comprehensive and wonderful care for him and so many others. They are our heroes and we are deeply thankful to God for them… and for all of our blessings!”

If you would like to support Victor and Barbara by committing their lives to prayer, then click HERE. We’ll add your name and prayer to their Keepsake Prayer Letter which we’ll deliver to them when they board the airplane. If you feel called to support his flight financially, then please click HERE. And, of course, spread the word to your family and friends so Victor and Barbara might receive even more prayer!