A Year of Praise!

We thank God for the $21,715 R4M donated to various ministries in 2015 through our Real Estate Referral program. We connected home buyers and sellers with amazing Christian REALTORS© who provided superb service and donated 25% of their commissions to support ministries the buyers and sellers held close to their hearts.

We thank God for blessing us with a capable mission aircraft held in a partnership that substantially reduces our operational expense allowing us to make the most of every dollar contributed by our team of Compassionate Real Estate Professionals. Since we put the aircraft into service in September we have flown 3 critical medical missions with passengers who have been greatly encouraged by the Keepsake Prayer Letter we gave them… filled with the “Amen’s!” and prayers of our wonderful R4M Prayer Team.

Our goal in 2016 is to glorify God by growing the R4M Prayer Team by thousands of people willing to add their “Amen’s” or prayers to the Keepsake Prayer Letters we give our passengers every month. We believe in the power of prayer and if you do… and would invest two or three minutes a month with us… PLEASE join the R4M Prayer Team now and let’s launch 2016 with a bang!

WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR MONEY (We’re supported by the R4M Compassionate Real Estate Professionals).


WE will tell you who our next passenger is each month so you can add your “Amen!” or prayer to their Keepsake Prayer Letter.

WE will send you a heartfelt thank you video from our passengers after each flight.

YOU can follow each mission flight LIVE on Facebook and Twitter.

Add your “Amen!” for our next passenger Candace. Candace has renal cancer. It takes just about 1 minute of your time and is super easy.


Please like and share this posting. Many of the people you know would love to be part of what God’s doing here at R4M. Please let them know.

May God richly bless you and your families in 2016 and always.

In Christ, Bill Neail – Cofounder R4M